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Orbyss Development Manifesto #1 - Introducing Player AI & More Game Updates

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Hello my children,

For those of you who remember me from my previous projects, the development manifestos are back, and for those who don't know; manifestos are a format I use to present updates and future plans to the community! So this week we've been focusing hard on trying to find a way to improve solo play and make it more tolerable when compared to party play. We've come up with a player AI system to help compensate for solo players not having party members to assist them. These AI players feature jobs and characters from new versions and will be expanded on below. In addition to this change, we've increased the maximum burning character level in order to make early game leveling more enjoyable. A couple bugs and exploits have been addressed, and the request for same-gender marriage has been met with a new seamless wedding system. For the remainder of the changes, please refer to the list below.

The vote reward shop has been overhauled with a serious of new or requested selections, every vote helps the server greatly and we want to ensure players feel rewarded for supporting server growth - so if you have any ideas or recommendations for additional vote rewards please feel free to let us know on our forums!




- Implemented a new seamless marriage system that also allows for marriage between any gender, this system has merged engagements and weddings into one much more simple process.
- Patched an exploit where players could bypass the daily boss limit on Zakum, Horntail, Pink Bean, or Magnus. 
- Updated Gachapon tables to feature more rare items.

- Character burning event has been increased to last until level 120, up from 70. 
- Fixed an issue where certain buffs or potion effects would not stack properly with % Weapon Attack and Magic Attack.
- Implemented boss scaling on buffed channels, bosses on buffed channels now provide 400% increased defenses, 40% bonus drop rate, and 30% increased monster level.
- Fixed a bug causing some items to have a reduced drop rate, this change has increased item drop rates across the board.
- Updated the vote shop to feature new selections such as NX, Gachapon Tickets, Super Megaphones, VIP Teleport Rocks, and Player AI.
- Players above level 140 can no longer multilevel by killing a single monster, remaining exp will cap out at 95% of the next level. This change does not effect the burning event or gaining experience from multiple monsters
- Made a few changes to help optimize server performance.
- Fixed minor issues in a series of quest and NPC scripts.

- Added NPC scripts for new game areas.
- Added new passive to Priest's Holy Symbol buff; upon casting the skill, gain a 4% Magic Attack buff per party member effected by holy symbol.



Our favourite part of this update definitely has to be the new player AI. We've introduced a system where solo players can summon player AI featuring characters and jobs from future MapleStory versions. These AI have the ability to wander around targeting monsters using multiple skills from their respected job. To top things off and further aid solo players, these AI also have the ability to cast buffs, including Holy Symbol and an exclusive buff from their respected job branch. However these buffs are lower in strength to make sure solo play is not a replacement or superior play style to party play. Take a look at the following to get more familiar with this new feature.

Player AI can be summoned through non-consumable USE items which can also be bind to your keyboard. Each AI can take 40 hits of damage and lasts 5 minutes until needing to be re-spawned. Upon summoning an AI player, they will appear at your characters location, you can use this to re-position your AI player quickly during game play. AI damage scales based on your characters stats and players gain 5% bonus EXP when playing with an AI summoned. Please note that AI summons can only be used without a party and on maps able to be claimed by the user.


Phantom AI
Featured Buffs : Lv. 10 Haste, Lv. 10 Holy Symbol



Angelic Buster AI
Featured Buffs : Lv. 10 Speed Infusion, Lv. 10 Holy Symbol



Evan AI
Featured Buffs : Lv. 10 Bless, Lv. 10 Holy Symbol



Battle Mage AI
Featured Buffs : Lv. 10 Bless, Lv. 10 Holy Symbol



Luminous AI
Featured Buffs : Lv. 10 Bless, Lv. 10 Holy Symbol



Kaiser AI
Featured Buffs : Lv. 10 Hyper Body, Lv. 10 Holy Symbol



Aran AI
Featured Buffs : Lv. 10 Hyper Body, Lv. 10 Holy Symbol



Demon Slayer AI
Featured Buffs : Lv. 10 Hyper Body, Lv. 10 Holy Symbol



Wild Hunter AI
Featured Buffs : Lv. 10 Sharp Eyes, Lv. 10 Holy Symbol



- Major skill overhaul for all classes.
- New addition to the elite boss feature.
- Balance changes based on player feedback.
- Fixing any remaining bugs encountered.


Thank you to everyone who has been participating in the Orbyss community showing patience and support. We appreciate each and every one of you. I would also like to personally thank everyone for being patient with me whenever I have a lot going on. The Orbyss Team plans to continue working closely with the community in order to push out updates and improve the game play experience for everyone.

Mazen & the Orbyss Team

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This is awesome! I love the manifesto and can't wait to push more things out! This server has a lot to offer because we are in it as a community, a family. ❤️

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