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Orbyss Development Manifesto #2 - Phantom of Naricain, Major Game Updates & COVID-19

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Hey there cuties,

During this past week we've worked on fixing the majority of reported issues and implementing a series of requested features. In addition, to spice up our elite boss system, we've implemented the Phantom of Naricain as a new rare elite boss that has a chance of spawning upon summoning an elite boss. This new boss is featured from the latest versions of GMS and here in Orbyss provides players with more exclusive rewards, including the new Elite Boss Mystery Box. This new mystery box gives players to open a selected variation of item rewards for a cost of mesos, this box is only available the Phantom of Naricain. 

A few hyper skill changes have been made for now while we work on revamping the entire hyper skill system with the help of our community and a new damage calculation feature has been added to help players get a better understanding of their characters. For those of you who love pets; a bunch of all new exclusive pets have been made available through a gacha added to the Donor Shop along with the addition of permanent player AIs.

We really hope you enjoy the new features and quality of life updates in this patch!



  • Implemented @time command to display the current server time.
  • Upon spawning an elite monster, a counter is now displayed stating how many kills are remaining until an elite boss spawns.
  • Implemented @dps command which will spawn a target dummy for the user to attack which will then calculate damage per second (DPS) as well as damage per minute (DPM).
  • Fixed a bug where the Cull the Weak hyper skill would cause monsters to be invincible if triggered while the monster is poisoned.
  • Bouncing Blades hyper skills now deals 40% damage to 3 nearby monsters, increased from 20% damage to 2 nearby monsters. In addition, the skill has had its range increased.
  • Perfect Timing hyper skill has had the chance for ultimate to not go on cooldown increased to 35%, up from 30%.
  • Heal Guard hyper skill has been increased from 5% chance to cast a non-animated Heal spell upon being hit to 25%.
  • Players now receive a hyper skill point upon reaching level 250, in addition to levels 140, 170 and 200.
  • Reverted Aran combo reset time back to 3 seconds from 6 seconds as this seems to be causing issues where the damage buff no longer applies if the reset occurs past a certain combo count.
  • Implemented the Phantom of Naricain boss from latest versions of MapleStory as a rare elite boss that has a 20% chance to spawn, this boss can spawn new monsters as his minions and drops black cubes instead of red cubes. In addition, every time this rare elite boss is killed an elite boss mystery box will drop.
  • Implemented an Elite Boss Mystery Box, an item that can be opened for a cost of mesos to obtain items, players have the option to select the variant of reward upon use (Equip, Scroll, Misc, etc).
  • Fixed a bug where Meditate and other similar buffs would cancel upon changing maps.
  • Disabled the broken Spiegelmann NPCs as they are remnants of old unused code.
  • Fixed an issue where rare archer weapons were available in the Kerning City Gachapon instead of Henesys.
  • Gender change feature has been made available in the Vote Shop rewards.
  • Implemented @sell command to open up a smooth Quick Sell system where users can select the first item and last item they would like to sell in a select inventory, for those items and all in between to be sold instantly.
  • Chalkboards can now be used used in maps outside the Free Market.
  • Beast Master additional summons now only appear visible to the caster while remaining fully functional, this is to reduce GFX stress for other users which should prevent weird visual effects from occurring.
  • Implemented non-duplicate Pet Gachapon to the Donor Shops available rewards.
  • Elite monsters can no longer spawn on maps such as Zakum, Horntail, Pink Bean, or Magnus boss rooms causing much more tedious boss fights.
  • Targa and Scarlion Hats are now considered boss items and can reach Mythical potential tier.
  • Fixed a bug where leaving and re-entering a map multiple times while using an AI could result in drastically shortening the life duration of the AI player.
  • Player default Buddy List capacity has been increased to 200.
  • Base player movement speed has been increased by 15%.
  • Armor Crash, Magic Crash, and Power Crash skills now also debuff bosses in addition to monsters.
  • Added 30 Day variants of the player AI to the Donor Shop.
  • Fixed a bug where resetting all your skill via the Vote Shop would result in your maker skill being reset as well.
  • Elite bosses now deal 20% of your characters maximum HP upon hit, while elite monsters deal 10% of your maximum HP.
  • Fixed an issue where the experience provided from an Elite Boss would be inconsistent and slightly lower on occasion, this was due to the elite boss being scaled off of the last elite monster killed - now the elite boss will always scale off the strongest monster in the map.
  • Elite bosses now provide 40% bonus experience on Buffed Channels.
  • Buffed Channels now have an inherent 30% bonus spawn count.
  • Magnus will no longer drop loot for muled characters that do not deal enough damage.
  • Cygnus Knights can now job advance without the need to spend their remaining SP.
  • Fixed a bug where the Kishin Puppet hyper skill could summon more bonus monsters than intended.
  • The Kishin Puppet hyper skill now provides the Puppet summon with bonus HP equal to the max HP of the player that summons it.



This update adds a whole new level of depth to the elite boss system, now upon killing enough elite monsters on the map, the Phantom of Naricain has a 20% chance to be summoned instead of one of the usual elite bosses. The Phantom is stronger than the other bosses, and although yields the same experience gain, provides drops of much higher rarity.  Upon his death, the Phantom will drop one rare mystery box.


Phantom of Naricain
Rare Elite Boss & Exclusive Mystery Box Drop




Elite Boss Mystery Box
Exclusive Drop and Reward Pool





Take a look at some of the new changes and implementations coming with this patch!


Damage Calculator
Calculate Character DPS and DPM (Damage per Second/Minute)



Exclusive Donor Pet Gachapon
Meet Our New Little Friends!





With the current situation regarding the spread of COVID-19, we would like to quickly remind you all to be sure to wash your hands after touching any surface or before touching your face. The virus can stay alive on a surface for several hours and even up to 1-3 days if the surface is made up of metal. In addition to staying clean, it is highly encouraged you do not leave your home unless necessary and practice social distancing (limit the number of people you come in contact with). Be sure to keep up with your local news for any updates your government may provide you. We hope you all stay safe and enjoy Orbyss as we plan to provide you with more updates and entertainment throughout your COVID-19 quarantine.

Note: Thank you all for being patient regarding this update as I had originally had it planned for last week, but due to the the havoc caused by the COVID-19 pandemic I unfortunately had to take a few days to get everything sorted out around here. Although I wasn't able to communicate on Discord as much as usual, we kept things moving behind the scenes and hope this update was worth the wait. 


Major Skill Overhaul (All Classes)
Hyper Skill Overhaul (Community Discussed)
Boss Coin System & Forge
Boss Raid Feature

Skill Overhaul Sneak Peak



Thank you to everyone who has been participating in the Orbyss community showing patience and support. The Orbyss Team plans to continue working closely with the community in order to push out updates and improve the game play experience for everyone.

Mazen & the Orbyss Team

p.s. Y'all cute <3.


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Damn finally some *Overhaul*

 Can't wait but I wish we can have better ways to patching instead of the old Launcher haha. But anyways good luck!!!

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