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Orbyss Development Manifesto #3 - Bug Fixes & General Game Update

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Hey everyone!

We've taken a chance to address all the issues that arose from the last patch as well as fix a few of the remaining issues that players have brought to our attention. In addition, the spawn fixes included in this patch should also lead to an increase in server stability. We're continuing to work hard on finishing our skill update and have a lot fresh and interesting features in the works planned for future updates. 

Once the Skill Overhaul patch is released, I will host a community discussion regarding overhauling the Hyper Skills for all classes and update those skills accordingly in a following patch. We will continue to work hard to provide your entertainment during your coronavirus quarantine, stay safe and keep on washing your hands my children.




Game Server Updates

  • A new buffed channel (Channel 9) has been made available.
  • Corrected fix for the Cull the Weak hyper skill and improved the handling when interacting with poisoned monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters would start to only spawn away from player AIs.
  • Fixed a bug where arena bosses would respawn without their respected cooldown.
  • Improved monster spawn handling to reduce the occasional weird monster interactions that can occur when stacking monster spawn buffs.
  • The spawn rate of the Phantom of Naricain elite boss has been reduced to 10% down from 20%.
  • The monsters summoned by the Phantom of Naricain are now destroyed upon his death.
  • The required damage dealt to earn Magnus drops has been slightly reduced for Bishops.
  • Revamped the Maple Leaf shop to have everything categorized and setup in much cleaner fashion.
  • Added Intrepid Slash 20 Mastery Book to the Maple Leaf shop.
  • Reduced the cost of Full Map Pet Vac in the Donor Shop.
  • Added a 30 Day variant of the Full Map Pet Vac to the Donor Shop. 
  • Guild monster drops have been made temporarily disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where if a boss monster is present on the map, it's stats could occasionally be used in calculations for elite monsters causing inflated health.

Game .WZ File Updates

  • Elite Boss Mystery Boxes are now account bound.
  • Mal Volence PQ has been made available through the Dimensional Mirror.
  • The NLC portal that went to Mal Volence, now goes to Nett's Pyramid PQ.
  • Fixed issues with a series of event maps.
  • Added new guild items for future content.
  • Fixed portals in KPQ, can no longer skip the stages making the party quest function correctly.
  • Added a warp back in MVPQ if you fall off the edge.



Take a look at some of the new changes and implementations in this update!

Revamped Maple Leaf Shop




Major Skill Overhaul (All Classes)
Hyper Skill Overhaul (Community Discussed)
Boss Coin System & Forge
Boss Raid Feature


Thank you to everyone who has been participating in the Orbyss community showing patience and support. The Orbyss Team plans to continue working closely with the community in order to push out updates and improve the game play experience for everyone.

Mazen & the Orbyss Team

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